Protip: On “cnidaria” pronunciation

by hexacoto

Pacific Sea Nettles, a scyphozoa, one of the four groups of Cnidaria (Image: Wikipedia)

If ever, when on the discussion of jellyfish, and the discussion moves to the topic of “cnidaria” and its related “cnidocyte,” the explosive cell mechanism by which they sting, containing the sub-cellular organelle called “cnidocyst,” and one is ever tempted to pronounce the “C” in the word;


Cnidaria –  /naɪˈdɛəriə/ (nai-DEH-uh-RI-uh)

Cnidocyte – /’naɪdoʊsaɪt/ (NAI-doh-site)

Cnidocyst – /’naɪdoʊsɪst/ (NAI-doh-sist)

Just sayin’.