Chinese innovation

by hexacoto


“Stand-alone music RPG masterpiece “PATAPON” fiery strikes!
HD beautiful Chinese style, get rid of fatigue!
New music rhythm battle system, you say goodbye to boring game with!”

PATAPON — Siege of WOW really does make one go “WOW.” As in, “Wow, what else will the Chinese not intellectually plunder?”

Loathe as I am to rail on the Chinese for intellectual theft and misappropriation of entire stores such as IKEA and Apple stores, there seems to be no letting up for copying wholesale the innovation and hard work of others. PSP game Patapon was next in line.

This Beijing company didn’t even bother to properly translate their “game’s” description on the Apple iTunes store — it was most definitely put through an online translator from Chinese. I’m surprised there were no errant Chinese characters left in the text.

Also, apparently the game is in Chinese only. For a game that speaks in a language that goes “PON-PON-PATA-PON,” why bother releasing the game on an international platform if the texts are going to be in Chinese only?

That said, some effort has been put into the visuals, to make it seem like things have been changed up a little.

pataponripoff2In the first screen, one can distinctly see a Chinese-style flanged roof structure, and the clouds are a stylised form of typical Chinese renditions of swirly clouds.


Image from Wikipedia

The second screen shows another Chinese-style castle, and you see lotus flowers and a traditional goldfish art in the third. The fourth has a Chinese-looking pavilion and the last has some pillars that looks like a monk’s spade, most famously used by Sha Wujing (Sand Friar) in Journey to the West.

An “A” for effort I guess.