New York Unicycle Fest 2013 day 3 recap

by hexacoto

2013 Unifest Sun 39

All photo credits Unatics (NYUC)

Today is marked pain, lots of pain. I woke up with a numb toe, and my back is somewhat stiff.

But today also marks the last day of the three-day NYC Unicycle Festival, and it would probably be another year before I get to see some of the people involved in the festival, or that many people coming together to practice unicycling. It might be another year before I get to play unicycle-hockey.

And thus, i return to Governor’s Island for the final day of the festival. Here’s with what I came home:

  • Sprained neck (can’t look to the left)
  • Skinned knuckles (right thumb and fourth finger)
  • Scraped shins
  • Scuffed elbow
  • Sore ankles
  • Scratches on my shoulder

Notice a bit of an alliterative pattern here?

Unicycle-hockey was intense because 1) The weather was incredibly humid and hot 2) The ground comprised cracks and loose gravel/sand 3) Some of the players weren’t particularly concerned if their sticks were hitting ball or human. Got roughed up a little there.

2013 Unifest Sun 30

They changed up the unicycle-sumo rules, so that they are more in line with proper uni-sumo rules. Thus, instead of them rushing into the ring and knocking the opponent out with their weight and momentum, they’ve changed to using grappling to throw the opponent out of the ring or off of their unicycles, making the gameplay a lot more interesting to watch and participate. I had a lot of fun going against the Texans this time, even though I still lost to the person pictured above, as he still outweighed me, and I accepted my defeat. I still took some tumbles from uni-sumo, and added to the list of injuries suffered today.

I sat out of unicycle-football again because I didn’t want to die, and for the most part the day was less crowded than yesterday, and I took it pretty easy for the most part. I even had time to exchange pointers on doing pirouettes and discussing Asian-style freestyle.