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The Poké-Kiss

pokekissI combined two of my favourite things — Pokémon, and Art Nouveau. The result is The Poké-Kiss, from Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss and featuring generation III Pokémon Gardevoir and Gallade.

If you look closely, you’ll find that the flowers are actually all the berries that exist in the game, and that there are Pokéballs woven into the cloak of Gardevoir.


Extreme Alternate Olympics

In today’s weird post of the day, I bring to you: Male Ground Swimming Freestyle.

Following this, we have Ski Jump – Pairs. with the American team coming in fourth.

original[1]Image from

Finally, we finish off with a little bit of horse racing.

The purple cabbage Majora’s Mask

cabbage mask

I was making some cabbage stir-fry, and as I cut open the purple cabbage, lo and behold! What seems to be the Majora’s Mask staring back at me.

What does it all mean?

Alternate Uses of A 100-Hand Slap


Introducing Hundred Holy Hands (alliteration win!), protects player from seeing, hearing or speaking evil.

Last Summer


We were singing little ditties
all summer.
We were singing little songs
of peace.
We had hopes to dare, to soar, to crash,
for we were little scamps
that summer.

We were riding adventures
all summer.
We fought hand-in-hand
We braved far lands,
through bogs, our parents.
With our wooden swords we staved off dragonflies,
last summer.

But last summer
had come to an end.
Last summer did, as all summers are wont to do.
We were made to grow up
and say our goodbyes.
We may have traded our suits of armour
for suits of linen,
our swords become mantelpiece attractions.
But I will always remember
our summers.

I am mesmerised

This is quite everything I’ve wanted in a video: unicycles, video games, and music.

Also, I’m working on making an illustration for a short story I once wrote. It’s taking a lot longer than I expected.

Pokémon heals hearts

chanseyhealsToday, I met up with a friend who wanted someone to play video games with, to help him get over his breakup. I agreed, and we ended up playing Pokémon together. We battled, traded, fought co-operatively. It was pretty good fun.

At the end of the day, he texted me to let me know that he really appreciated what I did. What he didn’t know was that he was helping me too.

Just as he needed the company and a distraction to pull him away from thoughts of his breakup, I too needed reprieve from sitting around the house obsessively checking my emails trying to see if any of my applications got back. Every phone call from an unknown number gave me a surge of hope, to which I always reply in my most professional, “Hello?” only to find out that it is the gas company calling to confirm that I changed address, or the building management asking about a flooding situation that happened in my toilet.

Each call a surge of hope to be dashed, every time.

And thus with Pokémon and friends, in that time where we pitted pixels against pixels, my (and his) worries were forgotten for a spell of time.